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How to Install and Get “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” Back in Office 2013 and 2016

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 2016, you might have noticed that the new Office suites don’t come with “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” program. Picture Manager was an excellent and small program included in Office suite which used to help users in viewing, editing and managing pictures quickly and easily. It also used to provide …

Resize Image in windows 10

Description Easy Resize Images Resize Image by starting the app. Select the image you want to resize. Or Right click on image file, select open with Image Resizer. Support for .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp Download Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/resize-image/9p87m9tknkvl?activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab   This app only work in windows 10


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